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(84%) are not washing their hands long enough or often enough to get rid of the bacteria that can cause illnesses

Date: Thu 5th October 2017

Wash your hands for 20 seconds to prevent antibiotic resistan... More >

Increasing hand hygiene compliance rates among staff â What works and what doesn't

Date: Thu 5th October 2017

Positive feedback can go a long way in improving hand hygiene com... More >

Hand Hygiene Science Asking New Questions About Product Volume and Hand Coverage

Date: Thu 21st September 2017

As hand hygiene-related science advances, we gain a better unders... More >

Hygiene audit finds some medical staff not meeting standards

Date: Thu 14th September 2017

We put our lives in the hands of hospital emergency staff every d... More >

Empowering patients effectively improves physician hand hygiene

Date: Thu 31st August 2017

Armed with new tools, patients and parents felt empowered to remi... More >

Colonized with MDROs, patientsâ hands contaminate high-touch surfaces

Date: Wed 2nd August 2017

A microbial surveillance study conducted at six post-acute care f... More >

How Clean is Your Stethoscope?

Date: Mon 24th July 2017

Most practitioners do not give the cleanliness of their stethosco... More >

Glasgow paramedics failing hand hygiene tests

Date: Thu 20th July 2017

PARAMEDICS in Glasgow have been urged to scrub up on hand hygiene... More >

Characterizing Hand Hygiene Opportunities in the Emergency Department

Date: Mon 17th July 2017

Moore, et al. (2017) assert that hand hygiene is critical for pre... More >

Hand washing study findings run counter to FDA guidelines

Date: Tue 13th June 2017

You don't need to scald your hands to get rid of germs. For e... More >

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