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Do Hand Sanitizers Really Cut Down on Illness?

Date: Thu 18th May 2017

Q. With the recent increase in use of sanitizers (hand lotions, w... More >

Poor hand hygiene, other safety errors identified at NJ clinic where 40 were infected

Date: Thu 18th May 2017

A litany of infection prevention lapses at Osteo Relief Institute... More >

Forgetting to wash your hands can cost lives

Date: Thu 11th May 2017

When Bandana Das, a midwife in India, washes her hands it is not ... More >

Fight antibiotic resistance ⦠itâs in your hands

Date: Thu 4th May 2017

2 May 2017, Cairo – World Hand Hygiene Day, marked globally... More >

What would happen if you stopped washng your hands?

Date: Thu 4th May 2017

There are few things more cringe-worthy than watching someone wip... More >

Three ways you can avoid infection in the hospital

Date: Mon 3rd April 2017

If your doctors or nurses seem to have forgotten to wash their... More >

Incentives Donât Help People Change, but Peer Pressure Does

Date: Thu 30th March 2017

Hand hygiene is such an important element of infection prevention... More >

CDC Warns Against Drinking Hand Sanitiser

Date: Mon 20th March 2017

Typical hand sanitizers contain between 60 and 95 percent ethanol... More >

Does wearing gloves increase hand contamination?

Date: Thu 9th February 2017

A recent hand-sample study found healthcare workers had higher co... More >

Hand Washing 101

Date: Thu 19th January 2017

According to the centers for disease control & prevention, ha... More >

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